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In our digital era, data is one of the most precious resources a company has in its possession. It including financial records, significant customer purchases, and prospective client information. Moreover, managing information in an ethical way can positively affect business decisions, marketing efforts, and organizational effectiveness. It creates a requisite for businesses to take data security seriously while ensuring standards are in place to guard this indispensable asset.

What is Data Security?

Data security relates to the protection of digital privacy standards that are employed to restrict unauthorized access to networks, databases, and websites. It also shields data from misuse and exploitation. 

A leading technology means to keep data safe is encryption, where digital data, software/hardware, and hard drives are strongly password protected and encrypted. The process renders as unreadable to unauthorized users and hackers. Most individuals and organizations also practice two-factor or multi-factor authentication. With specialized authentication, users must provide a strong passcode, biometric information, or other forms of data to validate their identity before accessing a system or data.

Additionally, data security is essential for health care records, enabling health advocates and medical practitioners in the United States. Several countries around the world are making efforts toward implementing electronic medical record (EMR) privacy by creating awareness about patient rights related to the release of data to third parties.

Keeping Data Safe

Some instances of security technologies include data masking and data erasure. Some additional steps to keep data safe are: 

First, know what data you have and where you keep it
Training people who handle data
Keeping a list of people in your organization that have access to data and sensitive information
Running an internal risk assessment
Installing virus/malware protection with regular scans
Finally, back your data up regularly

In summary, data security should be a fundamental feature of every organization of every size and type.

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