Tag: Data Privacy

Data privacy is invariably necessary. It’s why people safeguard personal information and items with locks in their homes, at work, and banks. However, when we distribute digital information on the web, privacy takes on higher risk.

In our digital world, we commonly use the idea of privacy to personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI). It includes government ID numbers, medical records, financial data, and simple, yet sensitive information.

Data privacy correlates to how pieces of information should be managed based on its importance. For example, you probably won’t mind sharing your name with someone new while introducing yourself. On the other hand, you wouldn’t give them your and phone number and contact information until you get to know them better. When you create a new account, however, it’s plausible you’ll be required to give a large amount of personal data, considerably exceeding your name.

Companies hold personal data on thousands if not, millions of consumers. Companies need to keep this data private in the best interest of consumer safety and protection. When brands invest in data privacy upfront, they can prevent their reputation from being tarnished in the long run. Especially in the case of a large scale data breach.

Also, data privacy isn’t only an issue for companies. Individuals and groups are staking a lot when sharing personal information. The more people learn and understand it, the more capable they will be at protecting themselves and others from data misuse.

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